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Will There Be Akuma Kun Season 2? Every Update

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Akuma Kun is one of the most delightful anime series that one can watch. The Akuma Kun anime was dropped on 9 November. The first Season was a blockbuster with a strong storyline and created a high demand for Akuma Kun Season 2.

There are a lot of mysteries and questions that will surely answered in Season 2. Let’s explore more details about Akuma-Kun Season 2 and its release date, plot, trailer, and more…

What is Akuma Kun About? Plot Explained

The Akuma-Kun features the story of a young boy whose name is Shingo Yamada. He is raised and nurtured by a demon called Mephisto III. He is granted a power that helps to summon demons and use their abilities, and he sets out to use his powers to create a place where humans and demons can co-exist & live together in peace.

In Season 1, Mephisto III and Shingo work together to solve the paranormal activities around them and maintain a wave of peace around the world. The ending of the Akuma Kun Season 1 was a cliffhanger ending.

Will There Be Akuma Kun Season 2?

Currently, there has been no announcement about yet another season of Akuma Kun anime. But the high expectations and eagerness from fans will surely get another season according to rumors. The love that the first season received surely has expectations for yet another season. The storyline has been amazing for Season 1 and much more content can be covered in the other season. Netflix may soon announce officially about yet another season of Akuma Kun.

Akuma Kun Season 2 Release Date & Trailer

There has been no update about Season 2 as well as its teaser. The rumors and predictions suggest that one might get to witness Season 2 premiere by December 2024. But there is no guarantee as it is just a speculative date. Fans might soon be able to witness its official teaser from Netflix.


Akuma Kun is one of the trending anime series of the year 2023 streaming on Netflix. The anime fans love this anime and expectations and eagerness for another season are on the next level due to the cliffhanger ending. One can expect Akuma Kun Season 2 soon and all they can do is wait for the official Announcement.

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