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Top 10 Best Recommendations For Anime Like Hajime No Ippo

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Hajime No Ippo is one of the best sporting anime that one can watch. It is an anime that revolves around boxing sports.

It features the story of a high school student named Ippo Makunouchi. He is always a victim of beatings by his classmates.

One day, Takamura Mamoru saves him from beatings. By profession, he is a boxer. Ippo gets inspired by his strengths and decides to learn boxing.

Initially, he learns the basics of boxing and makes his professional debut. So, this series is about his journey from a weak to a professional boxer. He faces fears, struggles, and hardships but overcomes everything to become a world champion.

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Let us check out some of the similar anime Like Hajime No Ippo that are worth watching for sports lovers. Here is the list as follows-

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi anime also has a similar main character Hajime No Ippo who has a weak and beaten character who becomes strong through training and hard work.

It follows the story of a high school student whose name is Kenichi Shirahama. He is weak and clumsy and many of them constantly beat him. Once he meets a student named Miu Furinji who introduces him to a form of Martial Arts named Ryozanpaku. Kenichi decides to train Ryozanpaku and become stronger. 

He learns the various basics of martial arts that includes martial arts, including karate, kung fu, jujutsu, and aikido. He also learns the importance of discipline, determination, courage, and many more things.

Initial D

Initial D is yet another anime that has a sporting aspect like Hajime No Ippo. It follows street racing sports.

It features the story of a young man named Takumi Fujiwara who becomes a legendary street car racer from a tofu delivery guy in the mountains.

He is a regular guy who delivers tofu in the mountains to help his dad in his business. One day, the street racing world conquerors group car is overtaken by him which surprises everyone with his skills. So, here the journey of his racing starts from that point.

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Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21 is another anime that follows the sporting concept. It features football sports.

It highlights the story of a young boy named Sena Kobayakawa. He joins the high school’s football team named Deimon Devil Bats. He is weak and small and anyone could beat him but he has amazing running speed. So, he is used as a secret weapon for the team with the name Eyeshield 21. It is an exciting anime series to watch for sports lovers.


Haikyuu is also a sports anime that is one of the most popular. It follows the volleyball game.

It features the story of a high school boy who aims to become a great volleyball player even after being a small height person his name is Shoyi Hinata. He joins hands with the Karasuno High School team. In this team, he meets a talented setter who has a reputation and is known as King of the Court. Both of them have some initial clashes but with time both work together for the betterment of the team and to win games.

It is a highly realistic and inspiring anime to watch for all sports lovers.

Baby Steps

It is one of the most inspiring sports anime that one can watch. It has a highly relatable main character like Hajime No Ippo.  It follows the story of a high school boy named Eiichiro Maruo. He decides to play and excel in tennis and become a professional tennis player. 

The series showcases the ups and downs, hardships, determination, learnings, and more while pursuing his tennis career. He overcomes all the hardships and struggles in the series by never giving up. He starts from zero to become a pro tennis game.

Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond is an anime that has a sporting aspect. It follows the story of a young baseball pitcher named Eijun Sawamura. He joins one of the prestigious baseball schools named Seidou High School. He has a lot of potential and talent but he lacks control over his emotions and gets easily angry.

The series overtakes us on his journey of becoming the ace of Seidou’s team and leading to victory by overcoming his weaknesses.

Ashita No Joe

Just Like Hajime No Ippo is yet another anime that focuses on Boxing. It follows the story of Joe Yabuki. He always has been a troubled kid but to fight all troubles he has to punch them back.

One day, he gets into a fight with a local gang. He effortlessly defeats them. It draws the attention of a former boxing coach named Danpei Range. 

Having a glimpse of his potential made him think that he could be Japan’s greatest boxer. He decides to train him and Joe agrees to learn the art of boxing. 

The journey he undertakes is full of struggles and hardships. But he has to overcome it and train harder with his mentor.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is yet another anime that follows the sporting aspect. It features the sport of Basketball.

It follows the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi who joins the High School Basketball team to impress a girl named Haruko Akagi. He is a natural fit and a natural athlete. But he doesn’t have any experience in playing the basketball game. He starts learning the game quickly and soon becomes of the fittest and best players in the county. The series follows the complete journey of it.

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Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball is an anime that follows the sporting aspect just as Hajime No Ippo. It features the story of a former member of Teiko Junior High School basketball player named Tetsuya Kuroko. He is generally a weak player but has the unique ability to pass the ball without being visible. 

He meets Taiga Kagami, who is a powerful and talented player. Both together aim to win the national championships for the Seirin High School Basketball team.

Yuri on Ice

Yuri On Ice is another sporting anime that features the sport of Figure Skating. It features the story of Yuri Katsuki who is a Figure Skater. He finds himself disappointed and motivationless after the loss at the Grand Prix Finals.

On a fine day, he gets a spotlight as his video of training and following the routine of 5 times World champion, Victor Nikiforov goes viral. 

One day Victor appears at the doors of Yuri and says he can be his mentor. As a fanboy, Yuri accepts this offer and kicks off his journey back to the world stage.


These were the best recommendations for anime like Hajime No Ippo that are worth binge-watching. Hope you love these recommendations and let us know if you know any other perfect other anime.

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