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Top 7 Best Anime Like Log Horizon That Worth Watching

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Log Horizon is a worth-watching anime with a balance of action, adventure, and fantasy. It features the story of a socially awkward student named Shiroe who gets stuck in a popular game MMORPG along with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki.

In the game, they enter as their gaming avatars. Together they team up and face this virtual world that has become their reality. My Anime List rating is 7.9/10.

Let us check out the best recommendations for anime like Log Horizon that are worth binging. Here is the list as follows-

No Game No Life

This anime follows the same aspect as in both the main characters being transferred to a different world of the game and are pretty intelligent. It features the story of two siblings Sora and Shiro, who are genius and brilliant at playing games under a name called ‘Blank’.

One day they are transferred to another mysterious realm of Disboard. In this world, everything is solved by playing games. They start winning various games with their genius minds and aim to become the rulers of Disboard.


Overlord anime has a similar gaming aspect to Log Horizon anime. It has the same aspect of the protagonist getting trapped in the game. It features the story of Momonga who gets doesn’t log out of the game named Yggdrasil when the game is down. This results in the trapping of him into the game. He finds players like him also trapped in the same way. So he tries to find out the reason for such a scenario.

Tomodachi Game

It is also based on a game aspect. It follows a story of a high school student named Yuuichi Katagiri and his four friends.

On a fine day, the funds they have collected for school trips get stolen. And of sudden, they are brought to a mysterious Tomodachi Game for someone’s debt. This game takes the test of their friendship and also has a huge money pool. It is the best recommendation for such anime lovers.

Battle Game In  5 Seconds

A yet another anime that has a similar plot to the Log Horizon. It features the story of a boy Akira who is a game-lover. Once he is suddenly brought into a battlefield by a girl whose name is Mion and he is accompanied by various other people.

All of them are notified that they are a part of this experiment and their records from the real world have been discarded. All of them are given special abilities. Akira has a high ability of intellect. With this ability, he aims to win the game and take down the organization responsible for such a situation.

Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

Grimgar anime also has a similar plot to Log Horizon. A Group of strangers is transported to an unknown island and the past memories of them are discarded.

This group must learn to survive the dangers of the island which has threats and monsters. This group is determined to survive and find their way home.

Accel World

Accel World Is yet another Sci-Fiction anime that has a concept of gaming. It follows the story of Haruyuki Arita who is a gaming addict. One day he finds out that all his high scores are topped by Kuroyukihime.

She then invites Haruyuki to a student lounge and introduces him to a Brain Burst which is an augmented reality game. She asked him to help her to reach level 10, the highest level of the game She also wants to meet the creator and know the reason for creating the game.


Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World anime follows the story of Subaru Natsuki who is transported to the fantasy world of Lugunica. After Arriving in this world, he tries to help a girl named Emilia but dies. He comes to know that he has the power to Return by Death. This helps him to go back before the point of death.

He uses the power of rewinding death to help to save Emilia and her friends from dangers in this world and help her to become the queen, a potential person to become the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica. This anime gives a similar vibe to Log Horizon.


These are the best recommendations for similar Anime Like Log Horizon that are worth binge-watching. Hope you love these recommendations and enjoy them.

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