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Top 8 Popular Anime Like Shinchan That You Would Love

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Crayon Shin-chan is one of the most popular anime series. It is based on a Japanese manga with the same name and is written & illustrated by Yoshito Usui.

It features the story of a 5-year-old kid named Shinc-chan and his adventures in life. He is a mischievous, carefree, and funny kid. He always loves his family, pet, and friends.

The anime is a great entertainer and hilarious and also delivers great life messages. The anime will make you fall in love with Shin-chan. Let us check out some of the similar anime like Shinchan that you would love binge-watching it…


Doraemon is one of the classic childhood icons just like Crayon Shinchan. Both of these shows are quite popular anime and most loved. It follows the same aspect of showcasing a regular life with fun and humor.

It features the story of Nobita who is a failure in every aspect of life. One day, a robot named Doraemon comes from a time machine and starts living with Nobita. He helps him in his daily life struggles through various gadgets. Both of them become best friends. The anime explores the various daily life adventures of Doraemon and Nobita and their friends Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo.

Kiteretsu Daihyakka

Kiteretsu is yet another anime that follows the fun day-to-day life and adventures of the protagonist. Even the show is quite hilarious.

It follows the day-to-day adventures of a scientist Kiteretsu and his robot friend Korosuje. Kiteretsu is a highly intelligent, smart, and tech-savvy person who brings up new gadgets throughout the series. Both of them undertake the journey to the adventures with time-machine

Chibi Maruko-chan

Chibi Maruko-chan is another anime series that dives deep into life just like the Crayon Shin-Chan.

It follows the story of a young girl named Maruko from Shimizu City. It follows the adventures of her daily life and interactions with friends and family members. The anime also provides meaningful life lessons as well.


Sazae-san is yet another popular Slice-of-life anime series Just like Shinchan it follows the day-to-day life of the protagonist. It is a perfect family-oriented anime show.

It follows a story of a mother named Sazae-San who lives with her husband and kids. It features their daily lives which spend on regular work, school, cooking, cleaning, hanging out, and much more.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is also one of the hilarious shows that are like Shin-chan. It also features daily life.

It follows the story of Konata and her friends Tsukasa, Kagami, and Takara who are studying in high school. The adventures of their life, friendships, Otaku culture, academics and much more is highlighted in the series.

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Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

Nichijou is yet another anime that follows the life of the protagonists and involves a lot of humor. The Anime series follows the story of a group of female friends and their day-to-day life. From hanging out, school life, and much more adventures are covered up in the anime. Their normal life adventures will make you laugh out loud and the show is quite hilarious.

Hanada Shounen-shi

Hanada Shounen-shi anime also has a protagonist who is quite mischievous and funny and his adventures in daily life are just like the Shin-chan anime. It follows the story of Ichiro who lives in a rural town. He is quite mischievous and has great adventures in life. It is surely an entertaining anime that involves childish pranks and has immense comedy.

Dr. Slump

Yet another funny and hilarious anime like Shinchan is Dr. Slump. It features a female lead character named Arale who is Funny just like Shinchan. The anime series follows her adventures. Arale is a robotic girl invented by Senbei Norimaki.

Final Words

These were the best recommendations for anime like Shin-chan. Hope you loved these recommendations and share them with your friends who would love to watch these shows.

Do you know any other anime that is just like Shinchan? Let us know in the comments below.

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