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Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Release Date, Trailer & Every Update

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Blue Eye Samurai is another awesome hit Netflix anime series that has caught the attention of many viewers.  Season 1 is a top hit due to its amazingly deep storyline, epic characters, and many more things.

Now that you have finished watching the first season of the anime and might wonder whether there will be a Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 or not. Will the anime get renewed or canceled? Let’s explore every bit of detail about Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 as follows-

What is Blue Eye Samurai about? Plot Explained

The Blue Eye Samurai is a mind-bending anime series that follows the story of a girl named Mizu. The story takes place during the times of Japan’s Edo period.

It features the plot of the vengeance quest of Mizu against the four ‘’White’ men in Japan. It features the adventurous journey of Mizu.

Blue Eye Samurai Trailer

Blue Eye Samurai Season 2

Netflix has officially announced the Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 by dropping its trailer.

Official Renewal Status: Renewed for Season 2

In December 2023, after seeing the huge success of this anime show, Netflix confirmed yet another season for the anime.

Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Release Date & Trailer

There has been no official update regarding the Release date and the trailer of Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 has been released in December to confirm yet another journey of Mizu. Fans can eagerly wait for the announcement of the release date.

The following video is the official trailer of Blue Eye Samurai Season 2-

What will be the cast of season 2?

There is very little information known about the Blue Eye Samurai Season 2. Fans are waiting eagerly. We expect that the following cast members will return-

  • Maya Erskine (Mizu)
  • Kenneth Branagh (Abijah Fowler)
  • Brenda Song (Princess Akemi)
  • Darren Barnet (Taigen)
  • Masi Oka (Ringo)

Hopefully, this cast may return and there will be some new members as well.


To finally conclude, The Blue Eye Samurai season 2 is confirmed with the official trailer release. The only thing that the fans can do is wait for the official release date. Netflix may soon drop the next updates about season 2 after witnessing the high success from season 1.

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Are you excited for Blue Eye Samurai season 2? Let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes will Blue Eye Samurai have?

The Blue Eye Samurai Anime was released on 3 November 2023 streaming on Netflix. It consists of a total of 8 episodes in Season 1.

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