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Top 8 Mind-Blowing Gyomei Himejima Facts To Stun You

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Demon Slayer is one of the mind-bending anime. Gyomei Himejima is one of the characters from the Demon Slayer Anime. He is a demon slayer and a Hashira. In Japanese, the word ‘Hashira’ means the Pillar. Gyomei being such a strong personality acts as a pillar to mankind and protects it. Here are the best astonishing Gyomei facts that will stun your mind…

Gyomei Himejima is a Blind Hashira

He is the only blind Hasira in Demon Slayer. Yes even being blind, he has become a Hashira and always fighting the odds. The reason for his blindness is not quite explained in the anime. He became blind when he was a child due to an unknown fever. He was not born blind but became blind due to an unknown fever during his childhood.

Gyomei Himejima is one of the Strongest Hashira

Gyomei is considered the powerful and strongest Hashira. His physique is huge and quite bulky. Also the tallest person in the anime series. By just his appearance, one can say that he is quite strengthful. Even being a blind person has not stopped him from being strong.

His hairs are black and he has a scar on his forehead which shows his hardships and torchers. His wear is the green Haori of the demon slayer uniform. He is a good and also an emotional person. 

He has a Bulk Body but a soft and kind heart

Gyomei just looks like a Hulk. He has a huge and bulky body. Many times one cannot consider such a bulky body as a kind-hearted person since appearances are always deceiving. He has a generous personality and a kind-hearted personality.

When Tanjiro and Nezuko were presented in front of Hashira and most of Hashiras tortured them but he was the one who has pity towards them for having such a bad phase and raised his voice for them to help Tanjiro. This is the one incident that showcases his personality and his belief in humanity over everything.

Gyomei Himejima has a doubtful nature

Even being a kind-hearted and helpful person he embraces the suspect nature of others. Being a demon slayer and a Hashira one has to notice the suspicious behavior around surroundings. Hence, he always keeps an eye on and has doubtful behavior, and doesn’t trust anybody easily. But once he believes in somebody he will protect him/her till the end.

He uses the Stone breathing technique

He is the only Hashira who is the master of the Stone Breathing Technique. This technique is one of the rarest techniques. That’s the reason why he is one of the strongest Hashira. This breathing style mimics stone and earth, and a user replicates its solid movements. His stone breathing techniques are so powerful that he was able to match with the moon breathing while battling with Kokushibo.

Gyomei Himejima is an orphan

Gyomei was one orphan with other nine orphan children. They all lived in an orphanage where he was the eldest among them. He raised everyone like a big brother. He raised them in a temple. The temple was always haunted by demons and being like a big brother he used to protect others from demons.


He  Knows One of the Demon moons

Gyomei used to live with orphans whom he helped and raised like a mother. He used to protect them from demons. Among them, one orphan named Kaigaku dies due to a demon and becomes a demon. Later he became the upper-rank six demon moon. In this way, both of them know each other personally due to this reason

His Journey to Becoming a Hashira was quite Tough and Harsh

He was an orphan with other nine orphan children. He became blind due to an unknown disease. He used to protect the other 9 orphans as he was the eldest. 

Once a demon entered the temple and immediately 4 orphans dies. Others disobeyed the orders of Gyomei due to their distrust of his blindness and are also dead. Only a child could be saved by Gyomei named Sayo who was the youngest. He fought hard and saved him till the morning. People misunderstood and considered Gyomei a monster and imprisoned him.

Later,  Kagaya Ubuyashiki released him from the due to false claims and trained him to become a demon slayer. Within two months of being a demon slayer, he became a Hashira.


Even after all hardships and struggles Gyomei was still and always fought hard for humanity. He is an important pillar and protector of mankind. Hence these were some of the facts that make Gyomei such a wonderful and fan-favorite character.

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Is Gyomei Blind?

Yes. He is a completely blind Hashira. He became blind when he was just a child. Despite being blind, he developed an ability to sense things and objects around him.

Why Does Gyomei Cry?

Gyomei is a highly sensitive, caring, and emotional being. He is always concerned about other human beings. He trained himself to eradicate all the demons and save everyone.

Who is the strongest Hashira?

Gyomei Himejima is the strongest among all the Hashira and Demon Slayer corps. He uses the Stone Breathing Technique and has unmatched physical strength. Even being blind, he is the strongest.

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