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How to get Tokens in Stumble Guys? (Free Tokens)

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Stumble Guys is one of the epic, entertaining, and fun-playing games. Like every other game, Stumble Guys also has in-game currency like gems, tokens, etc. Tokens are a form of currency that helps players obtain different types of skins, emotes, and much more.

Most gamers look for various ways to get this currency easily and use it in the game to avail various things. Players might wonder how to get tokens in the Stumble Guys game, let’s explore in detail more about Tokens.

What are Tokens In Stumble Guys?

A Special kind of currency in the Stumble Guys is called a Tokens. The tokens are a valuable currency that helps players to buy upgrades, skins, and much more. It assists in leveling up the game of the players and grants access to various character customizations, emotes, skins, and much more. The players must accumulate tokens to become better players and a pro gamer.


How to get Tokens In Stumble Guys?

There are multiple ways through which players can obtain the tokens easily either free or paid. Let’s explore some ways through which you can get tokens in the Stumble Guys game as follows…

By Referring to a friend

Stumble Guys offers an opportunity for players to acquire tokens when they refer to friends. When your friends successfully sign up from your referral links and complete a number of the challenges, both of you will be rewarded with the tokens.

These referral programs help the game owners’ mouth publicity and attract more gamers to play this game in exchange they offer the players rewards and benefits.

Lucky Wheel Spin

Players can take great advantage of the spin wheel in the Stumble Guys game. Through Lucky Wheel Spin, you can get various benefits. Players can also obtain a random quantity of tokens with the help of the Lucky spin wheel. You can also spin the lucky wheel again and again by watching ads. Players can easily obtain tokens with multiple tries from the Lucky Spin wheel.

Participating in Tournaments

Players can also earn tokens by participating in the tournaments. But this method is only recommended if you have got good skills in this game. To make an entry in the tournaments, you will require gems.

Players can easily obtain up to 30 tokens from participating in these tournaments and get other rewards as well. Please try this method once you have gained sufficient experience in the game.

In-Game Purchase

If you are a player who has no issue investing money in the game, then you can purchase the tokens easily. Tokens can be easily acquired with the in-game shop section.

Keep an eye on the limited-time offers in the shop section. You can easily obtain a significant amount of tokens at a small cost during the limited offer time. Players must not miss these limited special offers to get huge benefits at a small cost.


How fun it is to play Stumble Guys game. Playing and using its currency for game upgrades is just a process to level up your gameplay. Using the above-mentioned methods you can obtain the tokens and make full use of it. We hope that you found this tutorial helpful and keep playing this awesome game.

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