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Is Black Clover Worth Watching? A Complete Anime Review

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Black Clover is yet another anime that is quite popular worldwide. The anime series is based on the manga of the same name written by Yuki Tabata.

The anime series is one of the best shonen genre anime. It follows the story of a boy named Asta who is born without any magic powers in a world where everyone has Magic Powers. Despite this, He aims to become the next Wizard King.

Is Black Clover Worth Watching? Is it good? Let us check out the complete quick review of the Black Clover anime that will help you to decide whether it’s worth giving a try…

Black Clover Plot Summary

The plot of the Black Clover anime follows the story of a boy named Asta. He was an orphan and was raised with Yuno (another orphan) together. Yuno was born with remarkable magic power and the ability to control wind magic. Whereas Asta was born with no magic powers so he has to focus on his physical abilities and strength. Since childhood, Both of them aim to become the Next Wizard King.

To fulfill their aim, they both join the Magic Knight Squads. After that, they embark on the journey and face many challenges. They both head out on the journey to become the Wizard King in the world of magic.

Is Black Clover Worth Watching?

Definitely, Black Clover anime is a worth-watching anime. It is shonen anime that has an essence of magic and wizard madness. It follows a magical world that has different kinds of magic. It gives extremely great vibes from the storyline of the anime series. The characters from the anime are lovable. The animation from the series is just top-notch. The main character is born without any magical powers in a magical world. This is how the mind-blowing fact hits you throughout the series.

There is no doubt, if you start watching this anime, you will get completely addicted. It is just like a magical world like Harry Potter but in anime. The fantasy world of this anime is just fantastic. It offers you excellent action, comedy, and adventure aspects.

Black Clover Anime Rating

It is quite essential to know the ratings before you watch any anime series. Let us check out the anime rating of Black Clover as follows-

IMDb 8.3/10
My Anime List8.1/10
Black Clover Rating

Where to stream Black Clover?

Now that you have decided to watch the Black Clover anime, It is essential to know where you can stream this anime. The platforms where you can easily stream the Black Clover anime are as follows-

  1. Netflix
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. Hulu
  4. Funimation


So, Is Black Clover Worth Watching? The answer is definitely yes. It has a unique kind of story where the main character is born powerless yet he dreams big. The plot is top-notch and interesting. If one loves the magical world, it offers the world of magic and wizards like Harry Potter. It is quite a popular anime. One must definitely watch this anime series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Black Clover so popular?

Black Clover anime series is popular since it brings the aspect of a unique storyline, amazing characters, and eye-catchy animation. It has a quick pace and displays a world of magic.

How many episodes does Black Clover have in total?

Black Clover has overall 170 episodes and 4 seasons. It is a fast-paced anime series that follows the adventure of Asta and Yuno in the magical world.

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