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Is Lucky Star Worth Watching? A Complete Review

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Lucky Star is one of the best slice-of-life anime series. It is based on a comic manga of the same name.

The anime production was done by Kyoto Animation. The anime features the story of Izumi Konata and her friends’ daily lives doing many things that common people like us do.

Is Lucky Star Worth Watching? Is It Any Good Anime? Let us check out the complete analysis review of the Lucky Star anime series…

Lucky Star Plot Summary & What Lucky Star is About?

Lucky Star is an anime that follows the life of four schools girl and their day-to-day life named Konata, Tsukasa, Kagami, and Miyuki.

It features their school lives and their friendships. They make observations around the world and follow various traditions, otaku culture, playing video games, academics, making & eating different food, and many other things. The anime series focuses on their lives.

Is Lucky Star Worth Watching? A Quick Review

Lucky Star is a classic anime to watch out for that follows a slice-of-life theme. The anime series does not focus on serious kind of stuff but it’s more relatable to the day-to-day life of individuals.

The anime has highly relatable and likable characters. The anime is highly humourous and it has aspects that a high school person loves like manga, video games, cooking, and other kinds of stuff.

If any person loves slice-of-life anime then it’s a definitely must-watch anime for them. It has a perfect blend of daily life and comedy.

Lucky Star Anime Rating

Before you watch out for any anime, it is important to know about the rating by top rating media. Let us check the rating of the Lucky Star anime in the following table…

My Anime List7.7/10
Lucky Star Rating

Where to stream the Lucky Star anime?

If you have decided to watch the Lucky Starn anime, you might wonder where you can watch the anime series. You can easily stream the anime on the following platforms-

  1. Funimation
  2. Crunchyroll

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How Long is the Lucky Star Anime?

There is only one season of the Lucky Star anime that has a total of 24 episodes. Unfourtanetly there has been no second season even after a long manga to cover.


Lastly, to conclude, Is Lucky Star Worth Watching? Yes, it is worth watching anime that showcases a highly relatable life. The anime that great characters that seem lovable. It has perfect humor. If you are someone who likes slice-of-life and comedy anime then it is a perfect anime series.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many episodes are there in Lucky Star?

There are a total of 24 episodes in the Lucky Star anime for one season. There has been no season 2 even it has a long manga.

Is Lucky Star Anime Good?

Lucky Star anime is one of the best Slice-of-life anime series that one can binge-watch. One can find it highly relatable to your daily life and makes you laugh out loud.

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