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Is Parasyte Finished? Parasyte Season 2 Update

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Parasyte: The Maxim is one of the mind-bending anime series that one can watch out for. The anime has an amazing plot, interesting characters, and eye-pleasing animations.

It is based on the same-name manga series written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The anime follows the plot of Shinichi Izumi. One day a parasite fails to take over the human brain but is only able to take over one hand of Shinichi.

The anime gained huge popularity and is a critically acclaimed series. Both manga and anime series have been quite popular and people are keen to know about their status. So, Is Parasyte Finished? Or there will be another season? Let us find out on the public demand if it’s possible for another season…

Parasyte: The Maxim Summary

Parasyte anime follows the plot of a high school student named Shinichi Izumi. One day, a worm-like alien called Parasites arrives on the planet Earth. These parasites take over the human brain of their hosts. One parasite tries to take over the brain of Shinichi when he is asleep & fails to take over the brain and is stuck and overtakes his right hand. Both of them have to co-exist now in order to survive for both of them. The name Shinichi gave to the parasite of his body is Migi

As they both develop a friendship bond and encounter other parasites who have overtaken the human brain. They fight other parasites’ hosts. The series involves highly psychological and philosophical questions about the meaning of humanity.

Parasyte Manga & Anime Status

The Parasyte Manga had only 10 volumes which consists of 64 chapters. The storyline of the manga is completely finished and concluded.

The Parasyte anime only had one season to date that consisted of a total of 24 episodes. The season has completely covered the manga contents of all volumes. There has been no material left to be covered from the manga. So, one can expect no more content from the anime.

Will There Be Parasyte Season 2?

There will be no Parasyte Season 2 since the anime series has completely covered the 64 chapters of the manga. There is no content left to be covered. Hence, disappointingly we won’t be able to witness another season of the Parasyte anime.


Lastly, To conclude, Is Parasyte Finish? Yes, Parasyte anime as well as manga is completely over. The anime series have no material left to over from the manga. There has been no new manga material released now. The anime and manga both have concluded well and there is no update regarding any new content. Fans are eager to see more from the Parasyte series, but it is concluded and over.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Parasyte manga completed?

Yes. Parasyte manga is completed with the 64th chapter and there will be no more content to the manga.

Is Parasyte Season 2 out?

Sadly, the Parasyte anime won’t witness another season. It has overall covered everything from the manga and the storyline has completely concluded. Due to lack of content material, there will be no season 2.

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