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Is Summer Time Rendering Finished? Manga & Anime Status

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Summer Time Rendering is one of the best mystery anime series released in the year 2022. Its unique plot and mystery elements just made it fantastic anime. The fans of anime just appraised this masterpiece anime series.

It is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Yasuki Tanaka. The fans definitely wait for more from this anime series and even manga. Is Summer Time Rendering finished? Let us find out the status of both anime as well as manga as follows-

What Is Summer Time Rendering About? (Plot Summary)

It follows the story of Shinpei Ajiro. He lived with the Kofune family and their daughters Mio & Ushio after the tragic death of his parents. To continue his education in Tokyo, he left his hometown.

He returns home when he comes to know about the mysterious case of Ushio’s death. He thinks suspicious about this mystery and tries to find out the possible reasons also strange incident seemingly happens nearby of disappearing people and unexplainable incident occurrence. It is a situation happening due to encountering entities called ‘Shadows’. The anime series has a great plot with a mystery aspect.

Is Summer Time Rendering Manga Finished? (Manga Update)

The Summer Time Rendering manga was written and illustrated by Yasuki Tanaka and was initially released in the year 2017.

The manga series is finished completely. The story started in the year 2017 and was concluded in 2021. The manga had a total of 13 Volumes that consisted of a total of 139 chapters. Now, manga is over and it has been concluded overall.

Is Summer Time Rendering Anime Finished? (Anime Update)

The Anime was adapted from the manga and released in October 2021. The anime production was done by OLM Studious. The anime series consists of only one season to date that has a total of 25 Episodes.

Season 1 has completely covered the manga series by covering all 139 chapters. No content is left to be covered from the manga. Hence the Summer Time Render anime series is concluded and finished. The anime show is short and worth watching.

Will There Be Summer Time Rendering Season 2?

There is no official update or announcement about Season 2. Since the manga series is completely covered in the anime, fans cannot witness yet another season of the anime. It is disappointing for fans but there is no hope for another season.

Where To Stream Summer Time Rendering?

The platform on which you can stream the Summer Time Rendering anime are as follows-

  1. Disney+
  2. Hulu

The anime series isn’t available on the Netflix and Crunchyroll streaming platforms.


Lastly to conclude, Is Summer Time Rendering Finished? Yes . Summer Time Rendering is completely finished. Fans won’t be able to witness yet another content from the anime and also manga. The series has been completely concluded and no more content will be released anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Summer Time Rendering Over?

Yes. The Summer Time Rendering Is Completely concluded. There will be no Season 2 of the anime as the anime has covered all the content material from the manga series.

What episode does Summertime Render end?

The Summer Time Rendering ends at the 25th Episode of ‘I’m Home’. The anime series is concluded at the 25th episode.

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