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Is Tokyo Revengers Worth Watching? An Overall Review

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Tokyo Revengers is one of the popular anime series that one can watch. It is an anime series based on the manga of the same name that is written by Ken Wakui.

It features the story of a 26 years old Takemichi Hanagaki. The storyline of the anime has an aspect of Time travel. The protagonist can alter the flow of time which is quite amusing.

So, Is Tokyo Revengers Worth Watching? Is It Good Anime? Let us find out by checking out its complete review to make a decision to stream this anime…

Tokyo Revengers Plot Summary

The storyline of Tokyo Revengers focuses on Takemichi. One day he finds out about the demise of his ex-friend Hinata Tachibana due to the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is pushed in front of a train and all of a sudden he is tele-transported to the past 12 years where he is still in middle school and dating her.

He can alter the flow of time. So, he decides to protect his ex-girlfriend and change the future. He even uses his power to change the course of the future. The series has a wonderful plot of time travel.

Is Tokyo Revengers Worth Watching? A Quick Review

It is definitely a must-watch anime. If you are someone who loves time travel and the shonen genre, this anime is perfect for you to binge-watch now.

It is a good anime with an amazing storyline. It has events that will make you shocked, thrilled, and an absolute entertainer. It has overall interesting characters that you would like.

To be honest animation of the series is up to mark and decent while some of the action scenes. Even the series seems to have a slow pace initially. But overall if you love the Shonen genre then you must definitely watch it.

Tokyo Revengers Ratings

It is quite essential to know the ratings of the anime before you watch it. The ratings of the Tokyo Revengers anime are as follows-

My Anime List8/10
Tokyo Revengers Rating

Where to stream Tokyo Revengers anime?

So, you have decided to watch the Tokyo Revengers anime series, the question is where you can start, your much-awaited anime series. The Tokyo Revengers anime is ready to stream on the following platforms-

  1. Netflix
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. Hulu


Hence to conclude Is Tokyo Revengers Worth Watching? The answer is definitely Yes. It is a perfect anime to watch for those who love action, time travel, and a good plot. Although the animation of the anime can be disappointing. But it is definitely worth the hype.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tokyo Revengers Good?

Yes. Tokyo Revengers is a good anime to binge-watch. It has a good plot, and interesting characters and is best for action lovers. But the animation of the series is on a bit sloppy end.

How many episodes will Tokyo Revengers have?

Tokyo Revengers has a total of 2 seasons. Season one has overall 24 episodes whereas Season Two has a total of 13 episodes.

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