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Is Welcome To The Ballroom Good? A Complete Review

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Welcome To The Ballroom is one of the renowned anime series. The anime series is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Tomo Takeuchi.

It features the story of a boy Tatara Fujita who encounters a world of competitive Ballroom dancing. It is one of the mind-bending anime series.

Is Welcome To The Ballroom Good? Is It Worth Watching? Let us check out the complete anime review of Wellcome To The Ballroom before you binge-watch it…

Welcome To The Ballroom Plot Summary

The anime follows the story of a middle-school boy named Tatara Fujita. He is an aimless person who had no goals for his future and life. He tries to find out what can be suitable for him and his life to pursue for his lifetime.

On a fine day, a man named Kaname Sengoku saves him from delinquents. The person who saved him is a motorcycle-riding dance instructor. Tatara visits his studio and find it amusing. He finds something that he can pursue now. Now he has an opportunity to be in the limelight and dance with his fellow classmate Shizuku Hanaoka who regularly practices at the studio. The journey into the world of competitive dance begins for Tatara.

Is Welcome To The Ballroom Good? A Quick Review

Welcome To The Ballroom is a great anime that one can binge-watch it. It has a great mixture of everything that makes it a great anime. One can say it has an underrated anime series.

The plot of the anime is well-written and has an interesting story. It has a story of learning the Ballroom dance from zero to becoming a pro. The plot is definitely motivating. The main character Tatara goes from aimless to great ambition.

The characters of the series are well-developed and had deep-diving stories. The animation work is not like top-notch but is definitely up to the mark. The anime series is hilarious, emotional as well as inspiring. One must for sure watch this anime series.

Welcome To The Ballroom Anime Rating

Knowing the rating of anime before you binge-watch any show is essential. The rating of the Welcome To The Ballroom is as follows-

My Anime List8.2/10

How Long Is Welcome To The Ballroom Anime?

Welcome to the Ballroom is not a long anime series. It only consists of 1 season. The only season includes a total of 24 episodes. There has been no official announcement regarding season 2 of Welcome To The Ballroom.

Where to stream Welcome To The Ballroom Anime?

You have decided to binge-watch the Welcome To The Ballroom anime, but where should you stream this anime series? Let us check out the platforms where you can stream this anime as follows-

  1. Crunchyroll


Lastly, to say, Is Welcome to the Ballroom Good? 100% It is a great anime series that will give you inspiration. There may be some flaws but the overall anime is great watching. From a great plot to well-developed characters, it’s a perfect anime to watch. One must definitely try this spectacular anime show that is quite underrated.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Welcome To The Ballroom Anime Worth Watching?

100%, Welcome To The Ballroom is an anime that will inspire you. It has a great plot and amazing characters that make the anime a perfect show. A short anime with a power-packed motivation.

How many episodes does Welcome to the Ballroom have?

There is only one season of the Welcome To the Ballroom anime series. It consists of a total of 24 episodes.

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