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Top 5 Recommendations For Manga Like Blue Box (Ao no Hako)

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Blue Box (Ao no Hako) is one of the renowned manga series. It is a perfect manga to read for a person who enjoys the aspects of love, school life, and sports.

It was written & illustrated by Kouji Miura and has been serialized by Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump starting in April 2021. Buckle up, manga fan, because we’re about to dive into a treasure trove of similar gems like Blue Box that you will find entertaining…

What Blue Box Manga Is About?

The Blue Box manga is a perfect blend of sweet high school love, high-end sports, & life struggles. The manga features a plot of the bonding of Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano. The series focuses on their relationship buildup with a spice of sports. Taiki plays in the boy’s badminton team in Junior and High School. He starts to like a basketball player named Chinatsu who trains alongside him every morning in the gym. It follows their stories of relationship build-ups and daily life.

Best Manga Like Blue Box

Blue Box has such a beautiful plot that one will just love to read it. Let us explore the best manga like Blue Box that are worth reading…


Horimiya is an awesome manga that showcases the story of a popular and outgoing girl named Kyoko Horimiya and a quiet, boring, and simple boy named Izumi Miyamura. Two completely different personalities who find each other secret personalities and start sharing a heartwarming bond.

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Smash! is another manga that has common premises but a different story. It follows the story of Shouta and Miwa, two childhood friends who both love badminton sports. Miwa tries to persuade Shouta to play the game seriously, but he is a fun and carefree person who plays for just fun.

One day, his perspective changes for the game, as he meets a silent girl Yuuhi. The manga features a story of self-discovery, friendships, and the pursuit of goals.


It is yet another manga that has a blend of love and sports. It features the story of Yuki Machida, a high school student who is a manager of the School basketball team. In the team, she meets Sho Naruse who becomes the Captain of the team. The manga features the awesome story of the bond-making of the Yuki and Sho.

Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a manga that focuses on three final-year high school students who are uncertain about their futures. Taichi Ichinose,  Touma Mita, and Futaba Kuze, the three climates find them in an uncertain situation due to their complex emotions and differences of mind for each other.


Wondance features a mind-blowing plot of Kaboku Kotani who always suppresses his feelings and doesn’t like to draw much attention to him. He always will match up with others whether he likes it or not.

One day, he comes across Hikari Wanda who is fully immersed in her dance and doesn’t mind how she’s seen by others. To reach this level of free mind, he wonders how he can achieve this state of mind. So, he joins the dance club which he would have never done in his mind.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, these were the best recommendations for manga Like Blue Box. We are hoping that you will enjoy these manga recommendations. If you know any other manga then you can let us know in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of manga is Blue Box?

Blue Box is one of the beautifully crafted love and sports genre manga series. It has a total of tankōbon volumes as of December 2023.

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