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Ottoman Manga- What Is It About And Where To Read It?

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Ottoman manga is one of the captivating superhero mangas. It is written and illustrated by Shinnosuke Kanazawa. It has a genre of science-fiction and action and features a superhero aspect with powers and super-strength.

Relatively, Ottoman manga is a new series showcasing fresh storytelling with a captivating perspective. It features the richness of both Japanese as well as Turkish culture. The manga has been getting global appreciation and growing its fanbase exponentially.

Let’s explore more details about Ottoman Manga, its plot, manga status, and where to read it…

What is Ottoman Manga About? Plot Explained

The Ottoman manga has a fascinating plotline. It features a man named Souya. One day he meets an accident and has been parasitized by an alien. He wakes up in the hospital and has lost his memory. After some time, he finds out about being parasitized by an alien. This incident gives him supernatural abilities like immense strength, speed, and agility.

He tries to keep his powers secret but one day his wife is attacked by aliens so he decides to become a hero and protect his wife and also Earth from aliens.

The plot takes extreme turns and twists that will fascinate you. Even the characters from the manga are interesting.

Where To Read Ottoman Manga?

Ottoman manga is published in Weekly Young Jump. You can easily access it and get weekly releases. It is also available on Amazon Kindle. We recommend you buy it from official sources as the work of art is earned only through it.

Ottoman Manga Status (Is It Finished?)

The Ottoman manga is concluded and completed. It has a total of 5 Volumes and 47 Chapters. The storyline is finished and concluded by the author.


Ottoman manga is a worth-expectations series. It may seem a common genre with other manga but has it’s own unique storyline and theme. The amazing artwork of this manga is appealing to its readers and has depth in plot, characters, and visuals. It will take you to a world of wonder and superheroes. Showcasing an elegant cultural blend of Japanese and Turkish.


Is Ottoman manga over?

The Ottoman manga was concluded and finished with the 5 volumes in November 2022.

How many chapters are there in Ottoman manga?

Ottoman is a captivating manga. It has a total of 47 chapters covered in 5 volumes. And the series is finished and concluded as of now.

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