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Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2: Every Update

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Welcome to the Ballroom is one of the captivating anime that showcases the world of competitive Ballroom dancing. An anime that takes you to witness high-class dance, drive for passion, self-improvement, overcoming obstacles, and much more.

The first season of the Anime was aired in July 2017. Fans are eager to enjoy yet another season of the Welcome To The Ballroom. Buckle up Anime Lovers, let’s explore every possible detail about Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2, release date, trailer, and more…

Welcome To The Ballroom Details

Welcome To The Ballroom aka Ballroom E Youkoso is an anime series based on the same name manga series. Tomo Takeuchi has written and illustrated the manga series. Let’s explore some basic details-

GenreComedy, Drama & Sports
Production StudioProduction I.G.
MagazineMonthly Shonen
Anime ReleaseJuly 2017

What is Welcome To The Ballroom About?

It follows the story of a boy named Tatara Fujita who has no big plans and no dreams for his life. He had to unfold his true dream and follow it.

One day, he is saved from beatings by Kaname Sengoku a man who is a motorcycle-riding dance instructor. He visits with him in his dance studio and is stunned by this dance. So, he decides to pursue Competitive Ballroom Dancing. The Anime has some great dance scenes that are worth witnessing.

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Will There Be Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2?

Welcome To The Ballroom received positive responses from the viewers and it had a great rating overall. But the sad news is that there have been no official updates released from the production studio about Season 2.

Generally many production studios always analyze the responses for the show and decide for another season and the content left from the manga. The anime is rated great on IMDb and MyAnimeList at 7.8 and 8.2 respectively.

The manga releases have been slow due to the poor health of Tomo Takeuchi. To get another season there has to be enough content from the manga to be covered. But there have been slow releases. This is the main reason for the delay in the season 2 production. As a result, fans have to wait till the author releases more chapters and the anime house starts the production.

Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2 Status- Pending (No Updates Released)

Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2 Release Date & Trailer

The fans will be disappointed to know that there have been no official updates about Season 2. Hence, there is no official release date and trailer for now. The only thing fans can do is to wait patiently.


The story has been building well and there is a space for another Season. There is no official update regarding the Welcome To The Ballroom season 2 yet. We all can expect updates anytime from the Production house in the form of a trailer or release date. Fans have high hopes for it.

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