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What Is An Essence Stone In Solo Leveling? A Decoded Guide

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The Solo Leveling anime has gained huge popularity worldwide and is critically acclaimed and recognized on a massive scale. This anime creates and raises many mysterious questions about things. One of them is Essence Stone. Viewers are clueless about this strange stone that is preciously valued in the anime.

In this article, we will explore what is an Essence Stone in Solo Leveling and every detail about it to understand the mysterious glowing stones.

What Is An Essence Stone In Solo Leveling?

Essence Stones are shiny, small, mysterious, and add-shaped stones that are found inside the bodies of magical beasts creatures in the Solo Leveling world. After the magical beasts are defeated, one can extract these oddly shaped stones from their bodies which can be termed as vital and valuable loot.

The appearance of the stones is asymmetrical in shape and as an inner light that is glowing. The stones have different colors. Every color indicates a rank of the essence stone. This color helps to define the value and quality of the stone.

Essence Stone Rankings Explained

Essence Stones obtained are of different colors and color glow indicates different ranks. Generally, the brighter the color higher the value of the stone, and vice versa. Let’s look at the lowest to highest ranked stone order based on the color which is as follows-

Sr. No.Essence Stone ColorRank
1.White D-Rank
2.Green C-Rank
6. PurpleS-Rank
Essence Stone Ranks

How Are Essence Stones Useful?

The Essence Stone is quite valuable in the Solo Leveling anime series. Let’s explore some of its valuable uses as follows-

  • Essence Stone is highly valuable and holds a monetary value. Based on the color can use it for the trade. It can earn a great amount from the high-ranked stones.
  • Essence stones are an energy source for many purposes. It is useful for powering various magical objects, rituals, gates, and other things that require powerful energy sources to activate them. The inner glow in the stones contains insane and high amounts of reality-bending, physics-defying magical powers that can be used to fuel any gates, rituals, objects, etc.


The Essence Stones concept in the Solo Leveling anime is just fascinating. Glowing small-sized stones are Essence Stones. They are a source of monetary benefit and a source of energy as well. Obtained from the magical beasts it provides a valuable utility.

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