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What is the Arknights Anime About? Every Detail Explained

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Arknights is one of the most popular game-based anime series. This anime has captured the attention of anime & game fans with its captivating story. The anime series is based on the game of the same name which is a RPG.

The Arknights has a fascinating plot, animations, characters, and much more. If you’re curious about What is the Arknights anime about, whether is it good, and where to stream it then let’s dive into every detail…

What is the Arknights Anime About?

Arknights features the story of the fictional world of Terra. The technological advancement was at the next level with the discovery of a mineral called Originium in Terra. This mineral helped in gaining abilities kin to magic but also results in high energy releases.

However, using this mineral caused an Oripathy (incurable disease) outbreak. The people infected by this disease face Prejudice from the non-infected ones. The world seems to be in chaos and turmoil.

A pharmaceutical organization, Rhodes Island emerges as a ray of hope since they are dedicated to treating the infected and uninfected people equally and searching for an Oripathy cure. A Doctor is the leader of this clan but unfortunately, he is suffering from amnesia. He is the only hope to stop and cure this outbreak with his supporting team.

The anime showcases a captivating plot of twists, chaos, and redemption.

Is Arknights Anime Worth Watching?

The Arknights anime is one of the great game anime. The plot of the anime is fascinating focusing on people with two different sides. The world where chaos is at stake. The anime has well-built characters that are engaging and relatable. It has a great atmosphere and storytelling setting.

The ratings of the Arknights anime are as follows-

Arknights Anime Ratings

Overall, the anime is a great to watch. But it also depends on the person’s taste as well. But it is worth giving a try. The plot builds up slowly and steadily.

Where to watch the Arknights anime?

So, you finally decided to watch this anime. Where shall you seek this sacred fount of entertainment? Now, it’s time to know where you can stream this anime to enjoy it. Let us navigate the boundless realm of streaming platforms where you can stream the Arknights anime series…

  • Crunchyroll
  • TV Tokyo
  • TV Osaka
  • Animax

It is the official platform that has licensed the streaming rights of the anime.

How Long Is The Arknights Anime?

Currently, the Arknights anime only has two seasons which has a total of 8 episodes each to watch. Remember, this is just the beginning and the saga of Arknights continues, and future seasons promise even greater depths to be explored.

Final Words

Arknights takes the popular game to the anime world with an amusing plot and animations. The anime is a great show that fans will love. We hope that you enjoy this show on Crunchyroll.

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