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Where To Read The Dr. Stone Manga & What is it about?

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Dr. Stone is one of the most captivating manga series. The craze of this manga has gathered a fan following over the entire globe. It has a fascinating story that has an impact on an entire mankind and it’s just mind-bending.

The Dr. Stone manga is written by Riichiro Inagaki. An anime adaption is also undertaken by TMS Entertainment.

Let’s explore what is it about, where to read the Dr. Stone Manga, its plot, and its current status…

What Dr. Stone Manga is About? Plot Explained

Dr. Stone manga follows a mind-bending story that starts in the year 2019 when a mysterious flash of light transforms the entire making into the stone statues.

Over a period of 3700 years, mankind remains in the form of stone. In April 5738, a 16-year-old genius experiences an unexpected revival from the stone form. The name of the boy is Senku Ishigami. He awakens alone in a world where everyone is petrified into stone.

Senku decides to revive mankind and develops a central base to kickstart the study of petrified beings. He set an objective of finding the root cause behind the unexpected event and seeking a remedy for everyone.

After a month time frame, a comrade of Senku named Taiju Oki also reawakens. Senku realizes that the revival is possible due to the nitric acid.

Both of them work together to formulate a compound that can instantly revive others. Their journey to reconstruct the human civilizations is filled with ups and downs.

Where To Read The Dr. Stone Manga?

The Dr. Stone manga can be easily accessed through an online Viz’s Shonen Jump website or app an official platform. The first three chapters are available for free and the rest of the chapters can be unlocked by a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

You can buy the paperback format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Comic Shops, RightStuf, and others.

The digital copy is also available on Google Play, Kindle, Nook by Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and others.

Is Dr. Stone Manga Finished Or Ongoing?

The Dr. Stone manga was started on March 6, 2017. The manga has completed a whopping 26 volumes and 232 chapters.

The thrilling manga was concluded with Chapter 232 on March 7, 2022. Hence, the manga series is completely finished.

Final Words

The Dr. Stone manga is one of the most thrilling and awesome mangas of all time. It has a unique plot and fascinating characters. The manga will take you to a world of wonder where you won’t know what may happen at the next stage. You can get this manga on the above-mentioned platforms easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dr. Stone manga finished?

The Dr. Stone manga series with its final 232 chapters in March 2022. There are no further plans for more content but fans can enjoy its anime adaption that is ongoing.

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