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Where To Read The My Happy Marriage Manga? A Decoded Guide

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My Happy Marriage is one of the popular light novels that focuses on the aspect of marriage and love. Due to its awesome and unique plot, the light novel was adapted even as a manga and anime series. The series follows a purely heartwarming plot with complex and relatable characters. The themes of love, self-discovery, and redemption are the highlights of the manga.

It follows the story of Miyo and Kiyoka’s love story. Buckle up and let’s explore where to read the My Happy Marriage manga…

What My Happy Marriage Manga Is About?

My Happy Marriage follows the life story of Miyo Saimori who is born without any supernatural talent in a family where everyone has abilities. She was the only outcast in the family. Her stepmother used to treat her harshly by giving her manual labor work.

As she grows and reaches the age of marriage, the head of the family ousted her to marry Kiyoka Kudou who is a renowned military man. There were rumors that he was very cruel and a few of his former fiancées ran away. But fate brought Miyo and Kiyoka together.

But Miyo noticed the opposite side of the rumors where Kiyoka is an elegant and kind man. As the day passes both of them get close and fall in love with each other.

Where To Read The My Happy Marriage Manga?

There are only a few official platforms where you can read the My Happy Marriage manga. Buckle Up and let’s explore the platforms you can buy the official manga as follows-

  • Amazon Kindle- You can easily buy the online copy to read from Amazon Kindle which is easily accessible.
  • Manga UP!– Manga Up is one of the legal websites to read many manga. It also has access to My Happy Marriage Manga. You can use the free trial for a few chapters and buy the subscription to read the next chapters.
  • Square Enix’s Gangan- You can access the manga from the official Website or app of Square Enix’s Gangan. But it only offers manga in Japanse and is available only in a few locations.

Hence, these are the platforms to read the My Happy Marriage manga. To seek Miyo’s journey, one must navigate these digital platforms, where love and despair intermingle.

Is My Happy Marriage Manga Finished?

My Happy Marriage manga has been over yet. It has released over four volumes and is currently ongoing.

There is yet no sign of concluding the story of Miyo and Kiyoka’s love. Their love story has more stories to be covered.

My Happy Marriage Anime Adaption

Fans can also enjoy binge-watching the My Happy Marriage anime. The anime was aired on 5th July 2023 with the first episode. Currently, it has only one season and fans can expect another season soon.


My Happy Marriage is a great manga that has a heartwarming plot. You can read the manga on Amazon Kindle, Manga Up, and Square Enix’s Gangan Website. We hope that you enjoy the delightful and charming love story.

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