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Where To Read Yona Of The Dawn Manga & What Is It About?

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Yona of the Dawn is one of the renowned manga. It is written and illustrated by Mizuho Kusanagi. The manga was started in the year 2009 and even the manga has an anime adaption.

The craze for manga and anime of Yona of the Dawn is widespread. Let us explore the Yona of the Dawn Manga- What is it about and Where to read it…

What is the plot of Yona of the Dawn manga?

Yona of the Dawn manga features the story of a princess named Yona of the Kouka Kingdom. She enjoys her lavish, fun, and luxurious lifestyle in the kingdom and is unaware of the world beyond the castle and the realities of the outworld. She is protected from all these realities by her bodyguard whose name is Son Hal. Also, She fell in love with Su-Won.

But, the uncertain times surround her when she finds out the reality and intentions of Su-Won. The uncertain times lead to the breaking of peace and she is exiled from her realm and is chased down by her enemies.

Yona and her bodyguard route to the broken lands where they find an exiled monk. The monk advises her in order to reclaim the lost kingdom and peace she has to undertake the journey of finding the four legendary dragon warriors.

Hence, the manga continues the journey of Yona who takes the path of uncertainties and difficulties in order to restore the peace of her kingdom.

Where to read Yona of the Dawn manga?

Yona of the Dawn is a critically acclaimed manga and people might wonder where they can read the manga.

You can easily buy it from the Viz Website for a price of $9.99 per volume and prices may vary depending on your country. Even people can get digital formats from Kobo, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.

You can easily buy manga from the above-mentioned platforms. The manga is not available for free and we don’t recommend reading the art on free platforms.

Is Yona Of The Dawn Manga Finished?

The Yona of the Dawn manga currently has a total of 39 volumes and 226 chapters as of 2023. There are no signs of the manga being concluded yet. One can say that it will run for a longer time with the amount of appreciation over the world and the wide storyline to be covered.

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The Yona of the Dawn is highly captivating and breathtaking artwork that takes the reader to a world of wonder and excitement. The unique plot of the manga makes it the best fantasy and adventure to read. You can easily read the manga from the platforms mentioned and buy it on official platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yona Of The Dawn Manga

Is Yona Of The Dawn Manga Good?

Yona of the Dawn Manga is worth reading. It has a captivating and breathtaking storyline that takes you to another world of wonders and adventures.

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