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Where To Start Dr. Stone Manga After Anime Season 3? Explained

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Dr. Stone Season 3 has been finally concluded on 21st December 2023. Fans have loved the awesome Season 3 and it has ended with a cliffhanger ending. Fans can’t wait for another season release in excitement and turn towards manga to finish the story. It is confirmed that there will be a final season 4 but it will take time for the release.

Many Dr. Stone Anime fans are wondering Where To Start Dr. Stone Manga After Anime Season 3. Buckle up and we will help you understand where to start reading the Manga. Let’s get started…

What Dr. Stone Is About?

Dr. Stone has one of the unique plots that of can come across. It features a world where every humanity is petrified into stones by a mysterious flash for about 3700 years.

Senku Ishigami, a 16-year-old genius is the first one to be awakened and revived from the the stone form after 3700 years. He is the only one alone boy awakened in humanity. He decides to revive the complete humanity and save everyone. He set up a research base to study the petrified objects. When one of his friends wakes up, he realizes that the revival is possible with the help of Nitric Acid. In this way, the journey to revive humanity starts and reconstructs human civilization.

How Many Manga Chapters Did Dr. Stone Season 3 Covered?

The Dr. Stone anime Season 3 has covered the content of Source of the Petrification Saga and the initial beginning of the Truth of the Petrification Saga.

The final episodes of Season 3 start covering the Truth of the Petrification Saga which begins with the New America City arc. The New America City Arc starts with 139 Chapters in the manga and the anime covers the manga till 142 chapters.

In short, the anime season 3 has laid up the foundation for the upcoming arcs in the final episodes by covering the initial parts of Truth of the Petrification Saga. It has perfectly set up the groundwork for the next season.

Where To Start Dr. Stone Manga After Anime Season 3?

As the anime that covered the content till the 142nd Chapter and the start of New America City Arc. The New America City Arc starts from Chapter 139.

To read the Manga after Anime Season 3, you will need to start reading from Chapter 143 onwards. For fans eager to escape the echoes of the season 3 final episodes, the story continues to leap forward from Chapter 143 onwards.

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Is Dr. Stone Manga Finished?

The Good news for the fans is the Dr. Stone manga is concluded. So, after reading the manga there will be no cliffhanger ending. The manga has been finished and there are no more releases of new chapters.

There are a total of 209 Chapters in the manga. The anime series has adapted 142 chapters from the 209 Chapters.


The fans who are looking to start reading the manga after the Dr. Stone Season 3 Anime Ending can start reading the manga from the 143 chapters onward. We hope that you would love to read the manga overall and enjoy the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Season 4 Of Dr. Stone?

Yes, It is expected that there will be Dr. Stone Season 4 a final season to conclude the anime series. The anime series has to cover chapters from the 143 chapter onwards.

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