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Where To Watch Shy Anime & What to Expect? Every Detail Explored

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In the world of Anime, a new emerging anime is Shy. It is another superhero plot anime but with different premises and settings.

The Anime portrays the main protagonist as a superhero but she is underconfident and has low self-esteem. She undertakes the path of improving herself by dealing with her issues and also maintaining world peace.

The anime is based on the same name manga that is written and illustrated by Bukimi Miki. Let us explore the details of Shy Anime, Its plot, review, where to watch, and more…

What Shy Anime Is About? Plot Explained

The anime revolves around a 14-year-old girl, named Teru Momijiyama. She is chosen to be Japan’s hero representative called ‘SHY’ to maintain world peace. She is a shy and insecure girl who feels like she doesn’t belong here.

The anime features her story accompanying other heroes to defend the earth and maintain global peace while dealing with her insecurities and shyness.

Teru aims to improve her issues and overcome her fears. Also works as a superhero to save the world.

Shy Anime Review

The Shy Anime is rated decently and average. Before you watch the anime it is vital to check out the ratings of the anime. Let us check out the ratings of the Sky anime as follows-

Shy Anime Rating

Is Shy Anime Good?

It is the perfect anime series to watch who love superhero stories. The overall analysis of the Shy anime is good as it has relatable characters with a good plot. Also features the female protagonist.

The main characters have issues but also focus on improving it gradually like any other human. It also features a wide variety of heroes that act like a universe of heroes. If you are a superhero anime lover, you will love this anime.

The issues with anime are that it’s quite a slow pacing and has a bit predictable story.

Where To Watch Shy Anime?

Shy anime is mostly available on the major platforms where you can stream the anime series. The following platforms are where you can stream the anime…

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Muse Asia

How Long Is The Shy Anime?

The Shy anime has only 1 season till now aired from 3 October to 19 December 2023. The anime has a total of 12 episodes till now and Perhaps with the finale episodes, a hidden verse awaits, hinting at yet another chapter.


The Shy anime is overall a good anime that you would enjoy it. One can witness highly relatable characters who are focused on improving them. The storyline of the anime is highly captivating. It delivers amusing superhero adventures giving you a stunning experience.

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