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Who Got Expelled In The Classroom of The Elite And Why?

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Classroom of The Elite is an anime and manga series where every character has to become the best to become Japan’s future leader. Hence the students whose performance is not satisfactory are expelled.

The anime and manga both are going at a great pace and are giving the best plot one can witness. Let’s explore Who got expelled from the classroom of the Elite…


Who Got Expelled In the Classroom of The Elite? Expelled Students List

So far, few students have been expelled from the  Advanced Nurturing High School. Let’s explore the list of the students who have been expelled from the Classroom of the Elite series as follows-

Haruki Yamauchi (Class 1-D)

Haruki is one of the 3 iditots in the class D along with Ken Sudo and Kanji Ike. He is generally an inactive character in the series and not a very important supporting character. After being deceived by Arisu Sakayanagi and also getting the most censure votes, he was expelled from the High School.

Airi Sakura (Class 2-D)

Airi Sakura has been one of the important characters from the beginning of the series. Many of the fans loved this character. She got expelled from the high school in the 2nd Year arc after a nomination from Kiyotaka, whom she used to like. Although she wasn’t unhappy and didn’t mind after being expelled since she has decided to continue with her Idol Career.

Shino Manabe (Class 1-C)

Shino is one of the captivating characters from the Classroom of The Elite series. She was initially introduced during the Cruise Ship event where she had a major role. She got the high points in the Censure votes in her class and was expelled from the class 1-C.

Yahiko Totsuka (Class 1-A)

Yahiko was a student from Class 1-A who was an egoistic, rude, and patronizing student. Due to his this nature, he was one of the most disliked personalities in the series. He was expelled from the high school after receiving the highest number of censure votes in his class. Yahiko was the first student in class A that get expelled in the series.

What Happens When a Student Gets Expelled in the Classroom of the Elite?

Classroom of the Elite series focuses on an Advanced Nurturing High School that aims to nurture a generation of students that will support the country in the future and bring forward Japan’s future leader.

A Student who fails to midterm or final exam will be expelled. Expelled students are not only the ones who suffer but their class is also granted penalty points. The class whose students get expelled will get penalty points.


These were the students who have been expelled yet now. More students are said to be expelled but the names haven’t yet been revealed in the series. The high-class status of the high school will bring more students to the Expulsion list. We will try to update any name that has been added to this list.

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