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Who is Franky Franklin In The Spy X Family Anime? Explained

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Franky Franklin is one of the characters from the Spy X Family anime. Spy X Family is a super spy-based anime series to solve issues between two nations.

Franky is one of the supporting characters in the anime. Let’s explore more details about Franky Franklin to understand this character more profoundly…

What is Spy X Family About?

Spy X Family is one of the fascinating anime series that follows the story of skilled spy Agent Twilight aka Loid Forger who forms a family with Anya as her daughter and Yor as a wife to carry out his spy mission to maintain to solve the issues between two nations.

They form a family under the name Forger and infiltrate an elite school to collect information. The sole purpose of taking the admission is to get close to Donovan Desmond, the reclusive leader of Ostania’s National Unity Party as his child Damian has also taken admission. This mission of Twilight is called Operation Strix.

Who is Franky Franklin In Spy X Family?

Franky Franklin is the supporting character in the Spy X Family. He is an Informant who has made the personality of working a guy on a desk. His role is to assist Twilight in the mission of Operation Strix. He is an informant to Loid. He assists in Loid’s mission by passing him important information, looking after Anya, and providing necessary gadgets as well. He has also worked as a soldier in the past.

Basic Details Of Franky Franklin

Franky is funny and like any other normal guy. Let’s get to know Franky more through the table below-

Character Name Franky Franklin
Height166 cm
RoleInformant To Twilight

What Are Franky Franklin’s Abilities & Skills?

There is no doubt that Franky is a skilled person as he assists Loif easily. The major skills and abilities of Franky are-

  1. Collecting and Providing Information- As he is an informant to Twilight who is a skilled spy, he has a great ability to collect and give that information to Twilight for his missions. He can collect highly classified and secure information also. He has a great network that provides him such valuable information whenever required.
  2. Inventions- The other qualities and skills of Franky are making some great gadgets. He can make good inventions that can be helpful to others. He often makes inventions necessary for the mission. There is one example when Yor and Fanky were to find one missing cat, he made a gadget to find that cat.


Franky is one of the jolly, fun-loving, and reliable characters in the Spy X Family. He is a person who is great in his work and also a good person to the Forger family always up to help them in the mission. A Good person and always carry a hilarious tone in the show.

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