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Who Petrified Humanity In Dr. Stone? How did Humans turn Into Stone?

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One of the Mind-bending anime series is Dr. Stone. The petrification of humanity is where the series highlights and starts. But how is everyone petrified? Who Petrified Humanity in Dr. Stone? Let’s explore all the details of how everyone was turned into stone in the Dr. Stone anime series…

What is the Dr Stone Anime About?

The Dr. Stone anime is based on a sci-fi story where anime features a world where everyone is petrified into stones and the first person to revive from this situation is Senku who undertakes the journey to revive mankind again. He revives some friends and researches to study the petrification and the possible methods to resolve the issue and restart human civilization again.

Who Petrified Humanity In Dr. Stone?

The story of the Dr. Stone anime begins with an unexpected event leading to the petrification of mankind for around 4000 years. The biggest unsolved mystery of the anime is how the petrification of mankind happened and who was behind it.

Senku and his friends discovered that the phenomenon that turned the human population to stone was with the help of a device called Medusa. This device was voice-activated and they thought it was the work of an enemy.

Senku and his friends tried to decode Morse code to discover the enemy behind this who was ‘Why-Man’ whose signals were received from the moon.

Upon reaching the moon and discovering the person behind the Why-Man, it was found that it was the work of Meduasa devices itself as it were Hive-mind. These devices were efficiently capable of independent thinking.

What are the Medusa devices in Dr. Stone? Why It Turned Everyone Into Stone?

The highly advanced devices that have a machine lifeform are Medusa Devices. It can petrify humans and other beings into stone.

These lifeform devices have a belief that petrification will provide eternal life to human beings. It preserves humans from aging. Medusas are spurring intelligent life to better itself, and to march toward progress. In short, Why-Man devices were interested in studying mankind and helping them in advancement.

Will Senku Able To Stop Why-Man?

Senku was able to Stop the Why-Man. When he arrived on the moon, He spent a private moment with the Why-Man and communicated with them to cease the petrifcation. He convinced them to move on from humanity, leave the solar system, and find other hosts where it can parasitize and study them. Hence, in this way, the further petrifcation came to an end.

However, among these Medusa devices, one decided to stay due to his curiosity to study human civilization.

These devices needed someone who could replace the diamond batteries that powered them, as they couldn’t do all by themselves in return they offered them eternal life.


The series involves the great mystery of the Why-Man who turned everyone into stones. Knowing the reason for the petrification and the devices behind them is astonishing and mind-bending. Everything could be understood because of Senku and his friend’s Will to solve the mystery.

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