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Why Saitama Has No Hairs? Saitama Appearance Explained

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One Punch Man is one of the greatest Shonen anime ever witnessed by the audience. Saitama is the leading character in the series and he has high powers and abilities. But his appearance is kind of unique and he is bald, unlike other superheroes who are mostly dashing and good-looking. Many of the fans wonder Why Saitama has no Hairs even being so young. Buckle up and let’s understand the reasons for his baldness and his overall appearance.

One Punch Man: Overview

One Punch Man is one of the popular Japanese manga and anime series. It follows the story of a simple and decent guy named Saitama who has worked and trained so hard that he can defeat any opponent with just one punch. He often feels bored due to no challenging opponent and easily saves everyone without even getting noticed as a superhero by others. He joins the Hero Association where heroes are ranked and even being the strongest he gets a low rank alongside a cyborg named Genos. He guides and mentors Genos to become stronger.

Why Saitama Has No Hairs?

Saitama is the most strongest and powerful being in the One Punch Man anime. He is such a strong person since he has trained so hard and crossed every limit. He wanted to become a strong superhero for fun that’s why undertook a special rigorous training and workout routine.

In his life, he failed certain job interviews. Once, he saved a child’s life and decided to become a superhero. This is how the journey of Saitama has superhero initiated.

His training and workout program included 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running. Isn’t it a mind-bending program? Such a vigorous training regime is the only reason why he is bald. It took him around three to undergo such training.

Saitama Training

In the anime, when he explains his story to Genos, he appears to be bald in this process of becoming the strongest and following the training regime.

Though he may be bald, this makes the anime unique with a superhero who is quite hilarious and unique in his style and looks.

bald saitama

Saitama Appearance

Saitama’s appearance is ain’t very fancy. He is a decent-looking guy. He looks slim, bald with average eyes. He wears a Yellow Dress Jumpsuit superhero dress and red gloves & shoes. He has a cape of white color in the anime. He looks quite a muscular person.

We all love superheroes who are mostly good-looking, but Saitama is much loved with a simple and bald look as well. His character gives us a strong relatable essence just like a normal human being who lives a normal life but his hard work gave him superhero strengths.

Is Saitama The Strongest In One Punch Man?

He is the only character in the anime that has so easily defeated any villain with the ease of just one punch. His abilities and skills are far above the all superheroes and villains in the One Punch Man anime to date and no one can yet compete for the supremacy of the Saitama.

He has insane skills of dodging and defending himself from others with quick reflexes and speed. His punch is so powerful that he can defeat anyone with just one punch.


Saitama is quite an interesting superhero who may not be good-looking or fancy, but in terms of power, he is just unbeatable and invincible. His intense training and workout are the purpose of having no hair. But his baldness didn’t stop him from doing the right things and saving the world from the villains.

We as fans love him as he is and he is an unforgettable protagonist. Let us know in the comment section if you think anyone can defeat the Supreme Saitama.

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